Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Taliban attempt to assassinate 14 year old activist

Pakistani Taliban shoot a 14 year old girl.

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madtom said...

For once the people out there are actually protesting something worth while...

anan said...

Mojo, did you see the extent of hatred directed at Malala by extremist Pakistani men:

Its stunning in its scope. Many millions maybe more than 10 million Pakistani men think the most vile things about Malala. I think the reason is that before Malala there was peace in the home. Now a Talib or extremist Pakistani man is badgered by his niece, sister, daughter. And it is driving him crazy.

To quote:
"It is reported that on BBC urdu the comments from Pakistan about Malala were overwhelmingly negative..and not just narcissistic passive-aggressive negative in the way some pomo poco Westernized university educated leftists have been whining about her, but really psychotically negative: there was loads of really filthy obscene abuse directed at her; lots of people described how they would fuck her if they got their hands on her. All because she was honored at the UN and made a very nice and positive speech there? Does that make any sense?"

"The real issue is the ridiculous and self-defeating psyops choices pursued by the ruling elite in Pakistan. We may have competition in North Korea and a few other places, but by world standards, our psyops choices have been exceptionally bad (Zaid Hamid and Mubasher Lucman; I rest my case). ..that the deep state thinks it is a good idea to pretend that Kasab was from Nepal and the terrorists in Mumbai were directed by RAW (known in Delhi as the Relatives and Wives wing) is worth thinking about…this narrative is believed by practically no thinking person outside Pakistan, so we are only fooling our own Imran Khan voters..but forget about that. Look at the narrative itself. Is it helping the ruling elite or hurting it? Dont these confused and hypernationalist citizens then become an obstacle to steps the ruling elite itself needs to take to survive? Dont they then have to invent new and more fantastic lies to keep the show going? eventually all these conspiracy theories and their internal contradictions may have real consequences. Maybe not as bad as physically training half a million terrorists in your OWN country and losing control of them, but still bad. e.g. There are psychological consequences. These incoherent and flat out contradictory narratives do have something to do with the outpouring of frankly psychotic comments one sees on social media in response to Malala or the so-called Mumbai revelations."